Walker & Co. minimize own scapegoat for fake problem

  • Walker's legislators have invented the notion that the legislative process has slowed down.
  • Walker's legislators identify the current recall situation as scapegoat.
  • Walker claims the public doesn't care about recalls

In the news: Republicans in Legislature may try to make recalls harder 

[Republican lawmakers] said the [recall] situation has already slowed down the legislative process as senators fight recalls and some members of the Assembly run for Senate seats.
Darling, herself a subject of a recall, and Fitzgerald said legislation to speed environmental reviews of a proposed iron ore mine in northern Wisconsin was never introduced, in part, because lawmakers didn't have enough time to study it before the budget passed.
In an interview after an appearance in Washington, Walker responded to questions about the recalls and said they represented a political challenge for his party.

But the public isn't interested, he said.

"People are ready to move on," Walker said after appearing with several other governors at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  "And I don't just mean one party or another.  I think just in general.  The average citizen in Wisconsin I talk to.  it's like they've had it .... They want us to be talking about jobs.  They want us to be focused on that .... And so having another political campaign - it's going to happen, it's not like they can avoid it.  But it's not something they're particularly interested in."

Hypothesis: The lack of time to address northern Wisconsin mining before the budget passed was due to the Fitzgerald brothers' expediting, of the budget session, as if a gun were trained on them.

Following the budget's speedy passage through the legislature, Vos, Darling, and Jeff Fitzgerald have constructed the false notion of a sluggish legislature so that they can assign "recall" as its scapegoat.

Walker & Co. are trying to pit the recall movement against the supporters of mining.

However, Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca possesses common sense: "From a political standpoint, it looks like politicians trying to avoid accountability."

To round out the contentious contradictions, Walker minimizes the overall influence of recalls while encouraging the perception of recalls as a destructive influence.

Future work: Mining Company says project on hold until Legislature changes law
Herein lies another carefully constructed polarization.  While approval-by-default may appeal to a small government ideology, denial-by-default seems to be the more conservative strategy.  Are Walker & Co. pitting small government Republicans against traditionally conservative Republicans?

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


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